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Reclaim your living space


An unfinished basement offers so much opportunity to expand your home’s usefulness and character.


Skydell has worked with countless customers to transform their basements into all sorts of added space—from custom media rooms, private exercise rooms, large party, game or play rooms for the kids, to wine cellars, personal saunas, and new mother-in-law suites.


We love to explore design ideas and will help you transform a cold, dark basement into a cozy, usable, inviting place for family.


Give us your "honey-do" list


We started our business providing fast, efficient home repair and improvement projects, and we still love doing them:


  • Replace doors and windows

  • Install storm windows

  • Install a Humidex vented dehumidifier

  • Install pull down attic stairs

  • Install cabinets

  • Install or repair tile

  • Install or repair sheetrock

  • Install phone and cable lines

  • Replace countertops

  • Change bulbs and fix hard-to-reach items

  • Waterproof your basement


Before photo of a flooded basement before Skydell Contracting did insurance restoration


Restore your home's livability


When home disaster strikes, whether in the form of fire, flood, falling trees or other frustrating homeowner discoveries, Skydell is ready to help.

We know how to communicate with insurance companies to provide thorough, accurate, and rapid estimates, and understand the required paperwork process.


We have extensive experience in home restorations and repairs due to fire (from kitchen to whole house), floods, plumbing and structural failures. We know what it takes to put your home back in order as quickly as possible, with minimal stress and aggravation.

How is Skydell Conducting Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels During COVID-19?

Our Overall Approach:

  • Always masked, all the time, no questions.

  • Always six feet apart from other people -- at a minimum.

  • Hands washed and regularly disinfected throughout the day.

  • Equipment washed and regularly disinfected between each use.

Our Office and Showroom:

  • We strictly follow all CDC and OSHA guidelines (read OSHA guidelines here)

  • Office visits are by appointment only.

  • Most employees are still working remotely to minimize our exposure.

  • Only one person or couple is allowed in our office at a time.

  • The majority of our design review meetings are being held virtually; if an in-person meeting is requested, it always involves appropriate distancing and masks. We also offer masks and gloves at our office for our clients to wear, if they wish, while browsing our material selections.

  • All surfaces including showroom samples are disinfected after each visit.

Our Job Sites:

  • We strictly follow all CDC and OSHA guidelines (read OSHA guidelines here)

  • Wherever possible, we use a back entrance or garage entrance with direct access to avoid the areas in which your family tends to spend their time.

  • We install plastic barriers to isolate our work area from the rest of your home.

  • We bring hand sanitizer to all job sites and make it available to all of our subcontractors.

  • Wherever possible, we select subcontractors with only 1 or 2-person teams, to avoid larger groups of people working in the home.

  • We stagger the scheduling of our subcontractors—e.g., the plumber will be on site one day, then the electrician comes the following day—once again to limit the number of people working in the home.

  • We order all materials in advance and store them in our warehouse until the day they are needed.

  • Upon request, we can have a Porta Potty delivered to the job site for an additional fee.

We take health and safety seriously. Read what we're doing to keep you, your family, our employees, and our subcontractors safe during COVID-19


Project Manager

Looking for a project manager with an artistic eye and a penchant for finding creative ways to reuse materials? Look no further. From his first construction job in commercial buildings doing interior drywall, suspended ceilings, and acoustical treatments, to his eventual expansion into residential building construction and owning his own home remodeling business, Henry has always been valued for his creative eye and attention to detail.

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